Kids say the darndest things

Here at Shine Music we have little competitions in the newsletter for the kids to join and an easy way to win prizes. Now, not all of these competitions are as easy as you think. Some require thought, time and effort put in and they vary each month.

Our latest competition is to write about what would you do if you were a King/Queen for a day. Reading the responses we’ve so far received reminds me of an old show I use to watch back when I was younger with Bill Cosby, it was called “kids say the darndest things”.

One of the responses described how they would have all the pools filled up with lemonade for the purpose of drinking and swimming at the same time. Another response described how as a queen she’ll make the king attend to her every need and if he didn’t do a proper job would get punished by a smack. This month’s winner is definitely going to be a hard one to pick from considering all they’re responses are different and interesting.

Oh how great it is to come from a long day of hardcore uni exams to this, it has managed to finish my day off with a smile!


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