Broken Chair

There are some things that people can’t help but notice when they walk into a room. Whilst walking into the school today, one of the first things that I noticed was that one of our chairs was broken, with a large “DO NOT SIT. SEAT IS BROKEN!” sign on top of it. The wooden planks that was previously the seat is now in two pieces, sadly laying on the wall. Almost every student and parent who has come in today, by habit, go towards the chair and put their belongings down. After eyeing the sign and realising that the chair is broken, they ask me what happened and we all have a laugh as we imagine what could have happened to the chair.

One thing that I found quite hilarious was that everyone who came in would cautiously tap on the still intact chair (next to the broken one) and then ask me whether that one was broken as well. After being assured that it is fully capable of holding up their weight, as well as tapping it themselves, they would still very cautiously sit down for the first minute or so, as if expecting the chair to break with their weight.


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