First Time For Everything

Putting aside all the other fantastical drama that happens at Shine on a daily basis, today, something else incredible happened to me whilst sitting here behind the Front Desk.

If you did not already know, when you visit our humble website (, another humble orange box on the bottom right hand corner pops up, where you can chat to us live if we are online! (the program is called Zopim) It’s pretty cool, but sadly, it’s not every day that someone dares to click on the box and start a conversation with me, who is eagerly waiting on the other side.

But today, for the first time ever, to my surprise, somebody chatted to me, asking about piano lessons here and for more information. I was both happy and nervous about this first encounter. With the whole first-date-nerves happening, I carefully thought and prepared my answers before sending them off.

Seeing as I originally thought nobody would ever talk to me through Zopim, after today’s conversation, I thought to myself: there really is a first time for everything.


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