Funny Students

As you are most probably aware, our monthly newsletter always has a competition at the back for your chance to win some pretty cool prizes.

Seeing as it was the Queen’s birthday this month, this month’s competition was a story writing one, finishing off this sentence: “If I were Queen/King for a day I would…” Obviously, the most creative story wins the prize.

Most students, being the gentle, kind souls they all are, wrote about how they would give their money to the poor and do many good deeds (aaaw).

One student, however, wrote a very unique, intriguing entry, quite different from the rest. It was so interesting that all the teachers read it and had a good laugh. It was even funnier because this student is usually quite quiet and reserved. It might appear in next month’s issue so stay tuned and make sure you grab a copy of next month’s newsletter to see what it’s about!


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