Power Supply Dilemma

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of our power supply cutting off some time during our lives. Today, the power board which the computer (and the divine heater) is connected to suddenly died whilst I was doing some filing.

So naturally, my reaction to this ranged from oblivion to panic, to strife, to anxiety, then tranquility as William our piano teacher came to save the day. Although everything is saved, the momentary panic and thoughts which ran through my mind could probably be mapped on the scale of panic experienced by people who live near active volcanoes.

Thoughts such as ‘All my hard work (yes, hard work) might not have been saved properly’, ‘The blog I had just begun writing would definitely not have been saved (oh no, my witty humour has gone down the drain)’, etc.

Luckily I hadn’t begun writing this blog yet, and I had saved all my work prior to the power cutting off. Crisis over.


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