Momentary Frustration


With all my heart, and everything else, I sincerely do not like this vegetable. For a short while in primary school, my mother used to pack me a sandwich every day, and it ALWAYS contained beetroot. I used to throw out my sandwich at school because I did not like the smell or taste of beetroot… And then angry mother found out and I got into lots of angry trouble.

But back to the point. Today for lunch, William kindly bought sandwiches for us, but to my dismay, they all contained beetroot. Now, although I hate the thing, I will still eat it if I have to. So as I was walking down to Westfields Shopping Mall during my break, I opened up half of my sandwich (I had already eaten the other half) and just as I took a nibble out of the corner of it, a slice of beetroot fell out and onto my white top. For those who do not know, the red stains of beetroot do not come out of clothes very easily. So naturally, the rest of my break was taken up by trying all sorts of methods to try to remove the stain. I even tried to flip my top inside out, but the stain had seeped through to the other side too.

The momentary surge of frustration that overtook me for a split second could have been enough to start another world war, and I almost let out a cry of frustration in the restrooms at the mall. Luckily, I hung on to the last strand of self control and, defeated, dragged my feet back to Shine, where I sit now, paranoid about people seeing the huge red stain on my white top (which I know they do but are polite enough not to mention it).

The root of all evil, beetroot, has yet again ruined my life…

But other than that, the day was pretty good at Shine Music, once again eagerly awaiting for someone to chat to me via our website (which nobody did… aaaw.)


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