Antarctic Winds and Fireworks!

Today was Sydney’s coldest June morning since 1949, with other suburbs also breaking historic records of cold weather for example,  Sydney Airport’s 3.2 degree morning was the coldest since 1985, and Richmond was below freezing point at -4.8 degrees, breaking the record of 1992! Newspaper headlines and quotes tell it all –  “Most of the Bureau of Meteorology’s observatory stations across Sydney failed to register temperatures above 5C” and “Sydney plunges to below freezing”!!

Since the cold Antarctic winds have hit Sydney, I have stayed indoors only coming out tonight rugged up in Ugg boots, thick layers and scarves! Everyone comes in as “snug as a bug in a rug” with their gloves, scarves, beanies and snow-jackets! Amidst this freezing cold weather, people in Parramatta have had the opportunity to experience fireworks! The opening night to the first ever ‘Luminary’ parade in Parramatta started off with fireworks, allowing everyone here at Shine to pause and listen! Although at first, gunshots first came to our minds, the fireworks continued as we all sat began to relax and listen. What a beautiful end to a cold winter’s night!


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