Take a Break

As the last few days of Term 2 arrive, the time has finally arrived for everyone to take a break! Already halfway into the year, everyone seems like they need a break. All of our teachers and students seemed so excited about the holidays, I had to ask what exciting things they had planned for the holidays! To my surprise, nearly everyone had nothing planned – only to stay in and take a nice, warm break. I guess the cold weather has deterred many people from venturing out!

Looking at the wonderful progress from nearly all our students in their end of term reports tells me that everyone deserves this much needed break! It was slightly amusing to watch some of our younger students express their excitement; one little girl was so excited throughout her entire lesson for recorder, I found it hard to understand why she ran out of the room with her hands up in the air screaming “Yayyyy!!!!” I thought she had done so well during the class, that she was running out to tell her parents! However, it turned out she was crying out in joy only for the holidays!! Such happiness holidays bring to everyone!


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