Your First Trial Lesson

Many of students come in to have their first music lesson at Shine Music School. There are many things that people should do on their first lesson! I have noticed many parents like to sit in for their child’s first lesson. One-on-one lessons are important and beneficial as they allow both the teacher and student to focus on each other, their music, and their instruments. When a parent is in the room, usually asking questions for the first lesson, this disrupts the learning process of the student! For the first lesson especially, it is important for the student to have bonding time with the teacher, and get to know each other and the instrument. Parents can do the questioning and asking after the student has had the lesson! Students are usually very nervous, intimidated and scared. My word of advice would be to let the teacher talk, let the teacher show you their skills and be intimidated! You are learning from a highly skilled teacher, which is why you are there in the first place! But, don’t be scared to ask questions and tell the teacher to slow down if everything is overwhelming you. You have plenty of time after your first lesson to relax and process everything!


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