Facepalm Moments

For a long time, I have been publishing our monthly newsletters at Shine. Recently we have started sending our subscribers some online newsletters once in a while, and these proved to be a difficult task for the not-so-tech-savvy person that I am.

Simply adding a video into the newsletter seemed to be one of the most difficult tasks in the world today. All I had to do was replace the old video from the last newsletter with a new video. But this so-called “HTML coding” business is definitely NOT user-friendly for the less fortunate ones, and scanning through the ‘coding’ with my highly untrained eyes felt like reading an alien language.

I spent a good hour and a half trying this and that, trying to find a way to ‘paste’ the video into the online newsletter. Feeling the stress levels in the back of my neck increasing, I decided to take a break from this and handle a few other tasks, say hello to the student waiting for his lesson, and take a breather from it all.

Then after an hour, I returned to the online newsletter page, and I accidentally ‘double-clicked’ on the old video, and HELLO! A ‘window’ popped up that allowed me to edit the video. From there I could delete the old ‘URL’ for the old video and replace it with the ‘URL’ for the new video.

So I had wasted an hour and a half trying various methods that led to dead ends, when I could have simply ‘double-clicked’ on the video to edit it. Wow. I didn’t know whether to laugh at my stupidity or be frustrated that I had wasted so much time on such a simple task.

Facepalm moments. They always pop up once in a while.


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