The Gift of Music

In the past, the possibility of giving a friend or family member the gift of music was only attainable through presenting a cassette tape, or in the later stages a CD or maybe even a book! As life and technology have continued to advance giving the gift of ‘experiences’ has become very popular. Online sites such as Red Balloon allow people to give people an ‘experience’ such as parachuting, sky-diving, car racing, horse riding etc.! There are so many experiences in the world that people never experience, possibly due to a number of existing factors like time, money, opportunity. Every now and then, I think about the people I know who don’t have the time, or have never had the chance to learn a musical instrument. Music is a gift, and giving someone the chance to experience music is the best gift ever! There are thousands of people in this world who have never had the opportunity to experience a music lesson, let alone step inside a music school! One very thoughtful wife decided to give her husband the gift of music through guitar lessons at Shine as a Christmas present! In my opinion, more people should be as thoughtful and present their friends and family with the chance to experience the wonderful gift of music!


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