Classical VS. Modern

Something on the mind of all musicians – whether they are new students, the parents of these new students, or the teachers – is the great debate between classical and modern/contemporary music. Classical music by the famous, legendary composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and Bach will live on forever, and always remain exactly what it is – a “classic”, which can be interpreted as “having lasting significance or worth” (according to the Free Online Dictionary). Whilst these ‘classic’ songs will last for a long period of time (especially in those who really appreciate classical music), the younger generations of today prefer to play the more contemporary versions of music. This can be evidenced even in the AMEB syllabus, which has now advanced to include ‘Music for Leisure’ such as ‘Piano for Leisure’ and ‘Singing for Leisure’. These modern and contemporary versions of music allow the younger generation to learn the theory and music behind popular music that you can hear on the radio today. If you ask any student who comes into our music school, most prefer the modern and contemporary over the classical!

The year is 2010 and the music that is now played in the majority of cars, on radios an by musicians has now advanced to ‘modern’ music. Although playing classical music on the


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  1. Thanks for your intriguing post. I originally thought you were going to describe modern classical music, by Bartok, Stravinsky and Schoenberg, but I think you are referring to more popular arrangements, right?

    American Composer Ralph Kendrick

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