Today I find myself here at Shine Music School on a Saturday – this being a rare event! It is a nice event, if you can call it one, to be here on a Saturday as there are many little characteristics about Saturdays that make life at the front desk slightly more interesting and different to other nights! Each rare event that I do find myself here, there is a new, exotic lunch available for me (as well as the other teachers here). Today I found myself looking at the largest chicken schnitzel sandwich I have ever seen in my life – make that the largest sandwich period. How our teachers can manage to fit the contents of this rather ginormous sandwich into their mouths astounds me, especially within their 30 minute break period! I have been progressively biting away for the past 2 hours and have not yet finished half. Saturdays are the days that I find myself running back up and down the stairs many times, providing me with more exercise than usual when compared to other weeknights at Shine! Perhaps it is due to this rather frequent amount of times that I need to run back and forth, but the other teachers here are nice enough to run down whenever they get the chance to open the door for their students! Maybe even because of the fact that Saturday times are throughout the morning until the afternoon, the warmth of the day fills the school (in comparison to the cold, wet weeknights I usually find myself with). Saturdays are thus made to be quite a lovely day to spend at Shine Music School!


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