Familiarizing Yourself

Being a simplistic person who is usually slow to adapt to change, I must admit that I do take a while familiarizing myself with my surroundings, or any other change that has been made.

Having worked on Tuesday nights for a few weeks now, I am becoming more and more familiar with the atmosphere of the humble Tuesday night at Shine, as well as the faces of the students and parents who are Tuesday night regulars.

Slowly I am learning to put names with the smiley faces that walk through the door, what instrument they play and which room they are in.

Likewise, I can see our students lowly adapting to their instruments and the way they play/sing, with violin students becoming used to the way their arm and wrist bends as they bow, piano students becoming familiar with their posture on the seat and the way their hands sit on the keys, and our singing students becoming aware of the correct posture they should be singing with.


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