First Day

With the help of Janet (who is friendly and toooo nice!), first day training at Shine Music at the front desk was a complicated, but pleasant experience. I’m actually quite overwhelmed and amazed with the sophisticated systems they have implemented here. It’s nice and cozy here, and the teachers I met today are totally friendly as well! I have so much things to process and learn, because I don’t want to look like a clutz in front of our students and parents, as sitting behind this desk means I’m representing Shine Music. But I’m sure I can handle it and practice will make perfect 🙂

I  actually love music myself, but never had the proper chance to play and instrument, but as I grew up, I regret with all my heart that I quit playing the piano (well, the keyboard). Now sitting behind this desk with Janet, whilst learning all the things I’m required to do, I’m surrounded by the music of pianos, saxophones, guitars and lovely voices. I’m jealous of the kids here whose parents accompany them through the doors with big smiles. I think they are so lucky to be here and if time could reverse 10 years I’d definitely learn the piano and to sing…….


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