Lucky piano players

Second day at shine music and today I don’t feel as stupid as yesterday:-P Today I had  Rachel train me, she is also very nice!Her voice is so little and she talks with such manner that I end up talking like that to her as well 🙂  I’m getting the hang of things here now so hopefully I will be able to help everything out and not bother everyone so much with my queries…..

And I want to remember all the students names as soon as possible! Right now I only remember 3 or 4, the ones that left a strong first impression with me. Two little boys who have completely different personalities , and both play the guitar! One is really loud and noisy, active and not afraid to speak his mind hahaha and the other is a quiet diligent little boy, he was so cute! The quiet little boy’s mum was waiting for them while they had lessons, I thought she was a great mother, waiting for her children like that. Once again, I wished I was more keen on playing the piano when I was younger. I so regret it now, listening to the piano for five hours straight … I have thought about learning all over again but time just does not permit for me, maybe when I’m a mum, I’ll learn it with my child, haha.


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