An Unbelievable ‘Ouffer’!

Our available time slots here at Shine are quickly being filled up by a new range of students, mainly adults, who have purchased an ‘Ouffer’! When I first heard this term, I wondered whether it was just a spelling error and these people were actually talking about a special offer from our school. I also (accidentally) turned away someone who had enquired about this offer at our school! Due to the ridiculously discounted price that customer was mentioning, I had thought they must be wrong! Soon after, I learned that ‘Ouffer’ was an organisation/website that offered people some of the biggest discounts on any kind of deal such as a buffet meal, a facial, and even music lessons at Shine! Having Googled what this is, and registered myself, I am now being offered some of the most random experiences at a largely discounted price! I think putting our Shine music lessons out there has been a great idea, as it has allowed many people out there who would never have attended Shine before, to have their own musical experience with our great teachers! It allows people to take the chance, and take up the ‘ouffer’ on something they might never have taken up for the full price.


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