Great appetite

It’s my first day alone today, and so far has been good. Fortunately I was able to handle everything at the front desk alone (yes, without Janet and Rachel beside me) without too much difficulty!

Friday is one of the days filled with piano classes – and one guitar glass! It’s such a pleasure to be working in such a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere where I get to listen to the piano being played for five hour straight. As for the Friday students, I’m still getting to know them, however I successfully remember/recognize about half of them. I’m sure I will remember everyone after next week – it will be my third week at Shine! Unfortunately I will only be coming in once a week, makes me feel like a student myself, coming in weekly!

I think being part of the Shine family will definitely cause me to gain weight! Yesterday around this time I was starving so just before I came into Shine today I gobbled down a large meal, and not only do I not feel hungry now, I’m actually still quite full! Now I know that is the trick for future shifts! But hey – I usually don’t eat such a large quantity for lunch…. that means I’ll definitely gain weight whilst I’m here…. !


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