Lost Opportunities

Hundreds of people contact Shine Music School to enquire about music lessons. If I typed ‘thousands’, I might have been over-exaggerating, but with ‘hundreds’ I’m not! Many people see our advertisement in the paper, newsletter, online, in an SMS or even through word of mouth and decide that they want to give us a call and see what we’re all about. With our limited numbers of spaces and availabilities, we are tragically forced to ask people to wait on a waiting list when their perfect time is not available. However, we try to fill up our gaps with as many of the people that need their music lessons as soon as possible!

When I think of the numerous people that call and enquire about us, I think about the actual thousands of people who also see the same advertisement or sign and don’t bother to contact us! Have you ever been given the advice to never give up an opportunity by being lazy, or thinking negatively? One person’s unsuitable time might be the perfect time for someone else. Now, when I see something that could possibly be an opportunity to learn or be informed about something new, even a new experience with food or music, I jump at it!! And this is what my word of advice would be for all of those thousands of people who don’t actually call us! By not calling and not bothering to check if there will be any availabilities or something suitable, you could be losing a wonderful opportunity to learn music.


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