Language of Music

One of the violin teachers and I were wondering about obstacles to learning music – some of them including bad teacher-student relationships, students not practicing enough and not being able to financially afford an instrument (certain instruments are high maintenance and expensive!). Yesterday, we were both confronted by one particular obstacle that we had forgotten – language! You would assume that if the teacher and student could not communicate in the same language, learning (let alone teaching) music would not be possible. We now have a case study to see whether this will work out or not! Last week an international student came in to have a go at the violin. Despite his lack of English speaking skills, he has signed up for more lessons and came in again yesterday with, what I thought at the time, was a new violin! Little did I know…whilst tuning the violin, not only did the bridge snap but the teacher realised that the strings were all hooked onto the wrong pegs! With a borrowed violin, they were somehow able to get a few teaching tips and methods in. He will be back next week – language being no obstacle to learning the violin for him. The language of music is all that needs to be known here at Shine!


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