August Babies

Today’s shift has passed by so quickly for me! With the blink of the eye, the last student for each teacher is already waiting patiently with me here, eager to start their lesson soon, and then rush home to have dinner. Or perhaps, they were luckier, full from their dinner before they came to Shine , and actually wanting to rush to bed after such a long day. (Yes, I’m looking forward to my dinner, again.)

Today I’ve been preparing the birthday letters to send to our August babies! It really took me all day (almost) because there was more than 50 students whose birthdays fell in August! Personally, August is also the busiest month for me because I have a lot of friends birthdays who fall in August as well….. I thought it was only me!

Fourth week at Shine already, not only am I recognizing the kids, they recognize me too!

And yes, sending out more than 50 letters informing the birthday kids about their gift – skittles, I’m craving for some skittles as well now!


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