Transported Away by Music

Some days feel like other days, and on other days it feels like that day! To clarify, sometimes on a Saturday, it feels like a Sunday or a Monday! Today is a Monday, but for some unknown reason it feels like a ‘no’-day – no particular day at all. The beautiful sounds of the clarinet playing from one of our older students (not older by age, but older by years having attended Shine) have been travelling down into my ears for the past hour and have put me into a sort of trance.  The music of this clarinet reminds me of the background music of scenes that portray fantasy, or something extremely happy or comforting. As a result I feel like I am in a dream – despite the fact that I am sitting here at the front desk! Everything is being done, the calls being answered and the emails sent, even moderate polite conversation with students and parents are being held – all the while my brain has been transported elsewhere, making life here at Shine feel so surreal. Perhaps I need to walk out into the cold air outside to snap out of it and come back into reality. Either that, or the clarinet student, whose lesson time is almost up, will stop playing that beautiful dream-like music and then I’ll be transported back into reality!

Back to reality – what I thought was one hour was in fact 30 minutes. He is still playing away at the clarinet and will do so for another 30 minutes, while I continue to be transported away.


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