Life Decisions

There are many moments in life one comes to when seemingly big decisions must be made. For example, one must ask themselves “What do I want to be when I grow up?” which leads to “What should I do in order to be what I want to be when I am older?”. For me, other major decisions such as “What kind of car should I buy?” and “What should I eat for breakfast tomorrow morning?” also count as important choices in my life.

Last week, a new student came in for a trial lesson. She trialed both piano and singing, and after her lesson, she was contemplating which one she wanted to do, as her mother told her to choose one instrument. After a lot of thinking (and you can tell when a 6 year old is lost in deep thought- calling their name numerous times without a reply is usually a clear indicator), she finally chose piano, because she liked the soft, sweet sound of the pieces her teacher played for her and wanted to play them too.

So today she rushed into the school happily, ready for her first official piano lesson, knowing that she had made the right decision. Small girl. Big decision.


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