Sitting at the Front Desk

Of the many things that we do here at the front desk, such as walking up and down to open doors, checking on students arriving, keeping teachers on time, etc. the majority of the time is spent sitting right here – at the front desk! Sitting down for hours without walking around that much can make you feel quite unhealthy and fat. Having tried many a time to remain healthy, exercise and cut down on eating snacks, I find myself sitting for hours and occasionally reaching into my bag to bite on a small snack! This is perhaps my only secret to being able to sit down for hours without becoming fidgety and restless. I thought of this today after observing the school as I usually do from the front desk. Today one of the dads, whilst waiting for his daughter to finish her piano lesson, sat down for less than one minute, began walking up and down the stairs, outside, inside, changing magazines every few pages and finally sitting down rocking his head in his hands. He then looked at me and said “how can you sit there for so long?!”To be honest, I’m not quite sure myself! We at the front desk are the constant – everything and everyone moves around outside us, whilst we remain at the desk! Many of our students feel bad about us having to go down and open the door for them after 6pm – don’t be! This is our chance to get up and move around =)! I sound like I’m complaining but sitting at the front desk is enjoyable – with so many things to do I don’t even realise the 6 hours that seem to fly by!


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