If tomorrow never comes…

We seem as though we know what will be happening to us in our lives, for the next day, the next week, the next month, maybe even the next few years, that’s because we have planned it ourselves.

However that is not entirely true, we never know what will happen to us even in the next minute… Have you ever had doubts about any decisions in your life? Have you carried on regrets from the past to your present day? Have you not realised and cherished the ones that love you and care for you? It’s not too late.

For the past few days I’ve been thinking about this because the Police  incident in Philippines which has caused the loss of 8 innocent lives has truly stunned me.  Was it a change that the news wasn’t discussing politics, but discussing this horrible incident. These dear innocent tourists from Hong Kong didn’t know that in the next minute, a crazy Sargent was going to run on the tourist bus and threaten the safety and take the lives of their fellow mates. That definitely wasn’t in their plan….

Here I bow my head down to them and hope that they rest in piece. So if you have ever had any regrets, or doubts about your life, or neglected anyone that loved you, perhaps its a good idea to re-think it over because, what if tomorrow never comes….?


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