Cindy’s review: Morning Glory

If you’re asian and you’ve never heard of Morning Glory – then you’re got to be kidding me. But hey, if you’re not, or you really haven’t heard about the store, it’s ok,  well I’m about to introduce this glorious place to you and you won’t regret reading this review!

Morning Glory….. what on earth does it sell? What kind of cuisine is that? It’s a Korean stationary, accessory and gift shop that’s really popular in Sydney. Located in many, many, many areas in Sydney, you’ll be glad to know that there is one right near you, right here in Parramatta as well!

Hang on, don’t confuse Morning Glory with discount or bargain stores – the goods they offer there are very different and unique! Morning Glory is the first place on your list if you need to buy a gift for kids, and even teenagers. Stationary, key rings, photo albums and frames, toys, make up, beauty and hair accessories are just a few things on the list! My favorites were it’s cute plush pillows, photo frames, window decorations and tissue box covers! Oh and the cute umbrellas! So it’s not only for kids, adults like myself would definitely find something for themselves in there if not for a gift!

Now don’t panic because it sounds like it’s a girl’s world, boys would be interested in things like stationary, cups, school bags, toys and more!

So if your kid has been behaving well lately, or you need a perfect present, Morning Glory would be a good place to be.


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