Cindy’s review: Prince Restaurant

Now are you thinking, Cindy thinks everything is good in Parramatta? Or are you thinking, Cindy’s Asian so she likes everything Asian? Well the Prince Restaurant in Parramatta provides yumcha at night and Chinese a la carte at night. Situated on Church St conveniently near Westfield, the Prince Restaurant is not exactly the best place for yumcha.

Back when I was in primary school, whenever I heard we were going to have yum cha there, I would be reluctant to go. Now I know maybe a few years ago there was a change of management and I was keen on trying out this place. This is because the Prince Restaurant is one of the few restaurants with yumcha in Western Sydney and it would take so much effort just to go to the city for yumcha.

Despite the change of management, I don’t thin they had made much improvements. I guess they only changed the management, and kept all remaining staff- which explains why I wasn’t truly impressed with the food offered. I was at least expecting some renovation or change of furniture and the sorts. (From memory the chairs and carpet wasn’t in the best condition). But I was rather disappointed.

But what’s the most important about a restaurant after all? If you’re looking for traditional tasting Har Gow (Prawn Dumpling) or Chicken Feet, it won’t be at the Prince Restaurant. If you’re craving egg tarts or spring rolls, that’s not really the place either.   Not to say that it actually tastes bad, but it’s just not really up to the standards.

But if I were to choose something good about this place, I guess it would be the large and spacious grounds, and the not-so-long queue that you’d expect and see at other yum cha places. Normally you’d have to wait up to 30 minutes for a table, here, you may be seated when you walk in! This really indicates how much people are enjoying this restaurant, doesn’t it?


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