Cindy’s review: Sushi Bay

Ages ago when I felt like sushi and Japanese cuisine in Parramatta, I would have to resort to Westfield’s food court for some sushi rolls. But now I can eat fresh sushi and Japanese cuisine from Sushi Bay which is of course, conveniently located outside of Westfield’s main doors!

Sushi Bay is one of those  sushi train Japanese restaurants. It’s great value for a small gathering with your family or friends – this is because there are limited tables and seats! I remember when I first decided to try out this place (which was a couple of years ago, I must say) I was with my mum and dad, we were keen on trying it because we were just attracted to the unique looking sushi rolls traveling on the “train”. Are you bored of your usual “salmon and advacado”, “chicken teryaki”, “cucumber and crab” rolls that you buy from the food court or in the other sushi train restaurants? Surely there are other sushi train restaurants that have a variety of sushi rolls, but not at the value of what Sushi Bay offers! Not only do they provide a variety of rolls, there are some new interesting ones worth trying!

Whilst enjoying the food you are able to watch the chefs make these rolls as they do it right in front of you – of course this is nothing new, but it’s always a great way to learn about how such yummy food is made – and if you’re a clean freak, you can be a 100%  clear of the hygiene process!

So if your lesson with us at Shine Music School is just before or after lunch and dinner, and if your stomach is growling for something tasty, quick and of great value – why not try Sushi Bay?


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