The power of music

Is there a song that reminds you of a particular someone? Is there a piece of music that reminds you something important to you? Music is amazing. I’m actually very happy to be working for a Music School (even as a receptionist!) because I love music myself. Yes, I don’t play a musical instrument, and yes, everyone listens to songs…. But I have a deep connection with music. Sometimes when I’m having a rough time, or finding it difficult to express my emotions, I turn to music.

The power of music is so strong. With just a few notes, I can be immediately moved, and reminded of someone, or something. Once I hear the music, it’s as if it’s drilled into my mind and I’m brought back to the event or place or person which I am being reminded of. The rhythm, the words just steal my attention and I am being brought back  into that long lost world… my emotions ravel in the lyrics and my soul is caught in the notes… Not being able to play an instrument or trained in singing is truly one of the biggest regrets in my life.


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  1. Joe

    I’m a big fan of music too. It’s a very powerful medium of expression and can really trigger my whole being. Thanks for sharing. Here is a quote that expresses it for me.

    Music expresses that which cannot be put into words
    and that which cannot remain silent.
    -Victor Hugo

    Also here is a page I put together of inspiring quotes about music. I hope you enjoy them.

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