Asian Curry vs. Indian Curry

The strangest days are the ones that are suddenly overturned or made into a ‘strange’ day by one event. After a relatively quiet, normal day of studying, eating, shopping and working, my day was turned into a somewhat painful day as my stomach started cramping and the food I had eaten from the Food Court (never again eat Indian food from the Level 1 food court!) started spinning and squirming in my stomach. Out of nowhere, I felt like I had suddenly been stabbed in my stomach – something in it trying to make its way out of my body, but somewhat failing to. The result has led to a very white-faced front desk girl, with a very weak voice that still manages to whisper “Hi, How are you? I’m doing well thanks” to the parents who ask how I’m doing. After seeing me walk up and down the stairs with a hunched back, parents and students keep giving me strange glances – but at this current time I do not wonder what they are thinking. For the past 3-4 hours of sitting here at the front desk, the time has passed much slower than it usually does and all I can wonder is why ‘pain’ is such a small, somewhat insignificant-looking word when compared to what it actually describes! Although this blog might sound somewhat painful and stressing even to the reader, it’s not that bad! I don’t think that anyone can tell what’s going on in my head; I can still type and move my fingers around – that might be why parents look at me strangely when I suddenly get up and move much slower than my typing!

Something that crosses my mind is that yesterday I ate Asian curry that had gone off and I was FINE – I ate the whole thing thinking that the rice tasted funny until my mum threw out the whole thing saying that it had gone off. Today, I eat Indian curry (I must have a thing for curry) that looks perfectly cooked and tasted beautiful, and now it is stabbing my stomach. Maybe food poisoning can come a day later? Oh well, someone is coming to my rescue and I will be able to go home and eat Panadol for dinner and die! I hope to be back tomorrow with a somewhat more cheerful blog!


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