Cindy’s review: Sun Ming BBQ Restaurant

For a taste of Southern Chinese or rather, Hong Kong style dishes in Sydney, I would recommend Sun Ming BBQ Restaurant. Fortunately, there is one situated on Church St right hear in Parramatta, as there are only 3 altogether in Sydney!

Sun Ming BBQ is exactly what you’ll see and experience in Hong Kong, if you want to be in a casual, low key environment. It’s a good place to have early breakfast, or as Hong-Kongers love the most, afternoon tea, chatting and gossiping whilst eating. That’s what I like the most about Sun Ming – it’s a casual, relaxed environment, where you can gulp down your lunch if you want, or sit there for two hours gossiping during afternoon tea!

I love the seat meal feature of Sun Ming – you get to pick a main, a side dish and maybe a drink or dessert off the set meal menu for a good value – and of course there is a large variety to choose from! From fried rice (although I don’t recommend), to fried noodles, soup noodles and individual dishes …. you will have a difficult time in deciding how to choose your set meal. (At least I always do). However I personally give the congee they have for breakfast a big thumbs up – and seriously, you must try their BBQ meat of course! And don’t forget to order their reputable milk tea if you’re having breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea! But you refrain from ordering those crazily flavoured drinks…. such as taro milk tea or melon milk tea with pearls – I don’t think that is their specialty.

As I mentioned it’s a casual cafe, therefore it gets quite noisy at time, but that’s ok, that’s only how you’ll ever experience Hong Kong in Sydney – busy and noisy! The waiters are also very friendly but don’t expect top notch customer service (I think they have adapted to the relaxed, casual style as well) but overall they are not that nasty!

So if you feel like combining gossip and casual afternoon tea, Sun Ming is the place to go!


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  1. Love the afternoon tea meal there. espcially the deep fried chicken wings

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