Father’s Day upcoming

One of our dear front desk girl Janet has fallen ill today – that’s why I’m in on Thursdays again! Gradually I recognize Thursday students faces and they will become less shy why I greet them! Let’s send our best wishes to Janet and hope she gets well soon!

Today before I came into Shine I was shopping in Westfield for a father’s day present. Yes! It’s father’s day on Sunday. I woke up quite early today because I knew I was going to need a couple of hours to pick out the right present. It’s been many years since me and my sister have been buying a gift for father’s day so its not surprising that we’ve run out of ideas.After two hours I ended up buying a really nice polo shirt from Country Road – I do hope he’ll like it!

Have you thought of the perfect gift for your father yet? If you accidentally forgot it’s not too late! As a student of Shine Music the fastest way and best idea I have for you is to play a piece for your father! Your father would be smiling from head to toe if he knew you practiced and perfected the piece just for him! Trust me, I think he’d prefer to hear you play a special piece of music just for him rather than buying him a box of chocolates or a t-shirt. (I would play him a piece if I could as well!)

So hurry up, you’ve only got two days to practise! Or, if you reallllllly dont have time, I guess you can sing him a meaningful song, or a song that he really likes!


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