Cheeky & Bubbly

Wow! Today is a very busy day at Shine Music despite the few absences. But of course I think Friday would have to be one of the busiest, noisiest, exhausting days to be at Shine Music as during first half of the day  we have 6-7 students who come in together, who are all related or close family friends somehow. What’s even “better” is that they’re all under 10 and they’re here for almost two hours – since they’re being picked up by the same family.

Today they were extra cheeky and I was in a good mood so I taught them how to fold oragami!  Funnily, the kids who were interested were all boys where as the girls kept colouring – in!  So I had 3 kids surrounding the front desk slowly folding cranes and butterflies! And at the same time I was chatting to the parents, watching the remaining kids (whom decided to practise their self defence skills with each other) and dealing with incoming calls and emails. But nevertheless, I was glad to entertain the children as they were very enthusiastic to learn the art of oragami and very happy and proud of their final result! Hopefully they will put as much effort into practising their respective instruments as they have put into learning how to fold the cranes and butterflies!

I, myself only have 3 cousins who are still kids. but unfortunately, I don’t see them often and when I do, due to this reason, they are so shy! That’s why I’m more than happy to chat and play with bubbly children!


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