Cindy’s review: Dragon Peking Restaurant

As one of the only Northern Chinese restaurants on Church St, Dragon Peking Restaurant is best known for it’s delicious little dishes. As most of you should know, aside from individual dishes such as fried pork or chicken with vegetables etc, Northern Chinese people like to have side dishes and snacks. When you hear Northern Chinese cuisine you automatically think of dumplings and the sort. And if you’re thinking dumplings then think Dragon Peking Restaurant!

The following are my must haves every time I eat here – pan fried dumplings (handmade!), xiao long bao (little dragon bun) and pan fried rice cake. These are so tasty and delicious that I must order them everytime. My visits there are almost always consist of a combination of side dishes and snacks – they’re that nice! Aside from side dishes and snacks, their mains are not bad as well. The peking duck comes in large serving and is worth a shot. The famous SzeChuan chilli fried beans is also worth mentioning if you like vegetables and you can ask them to alter the mildness!

Overall, I’d certainly recommend you to try out this small restaurant on Church St, the waiters and owners there are very friendly and willing to help you out in deciphering the Chinese menu. For a delicious Northern Chinese dinner close to you, why not try Peking Restaurant next time?


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