Rachel’s Review: Cupcakes on Pitt

With the original store on Pitt Street in the city, Cupcakes on Pitt has branched out to the bottom level of Westfield Parramatta (near the food court) to bring us West-siders a happy chappy cupcake experience.With over 30 cute flavours of adorably decorated mini cupcakes to choose from, they are an ideal treat for when you’re on the go or when your sweet tooth is aching for some sugary goodness.

Chocolate Sundae Cupcake- only available from Cupcakes on Pitt

Being the perfect gift to take to someone’s house if you don’t feel like going empty-handed, you can also purchase cupcakes in lots of 2, 6 or 12, and they come in a handy box, easy to carry around and shaped so the cupcakes fit in nicely and don’t move around.

They also make ‘giant cupcakes’-I think the name explains it all- one massive cupcake, usually for birthdays or other special occasions, for those who want to deviate a little from the typical birthday cake.

Giant Cupcake from Cupcakes on Pitt

A lot of the flavours are made to mimic cake flavours, such as ‘Black Forest’ and ‘Tiramisu’. The number one reason I am personally attracted to this store is the meticulously decorated cupcakes and range of flavours, which are displayed neatly in glass cabinets for you to choose from.

Macarons from Cupcakes on Pitt

Cupcakes on Pitt also offers you macarons, which are chewy bite-size sweet drops of heaven, and various cookies ready to be devoured.

Cookies from Cupcakes on Pitt

Now for the boo’s about Cupcakes on Pitt: Due to it’s popularity, they do run out fast, and they don’t make any more during the day. So if you’re not there early, you could miss out on your favourite flavour, which I know will be to your great resentment.
$2.50 for one mini cupcake isn’t your cheapest buy, especially if you’re buying a whole box.

But aside from those two small kinks, Cupcakes on Pitt is a friendly cupcake outlet to satisfy your sweet-baked-goods fetish, so why not try one (or ten) today?


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