How To Answer Tough Questions

So, many parents whose children are new to the school, and especially those who are just starting off, are often confused about what kind of instrument they have to rent or buy. This is a good indicator that they are keen to learn the instrument for quite some time, which is always good to see.

Now although I would like to say that the girls at the front desk are quite knowledgeable, there are rare times when we cannot answer all your questions, particularly the ones about what brand of instrument you should buy, what’s a good price range for a piano, etc. And, being a closet people pleaser, I have an innate fear of disappointing people because I cannot answer their questions.

Today I almost broke out in a sweat because I could not answer a mother’s question about what brand of piano is suitable to buy for her daughter, who has just started learning the piano. Luckily yesterday, someone had written up a ‘How to Guide for Customers’ which explains how they should go about when renting or purchasing an instrument. Thinking “This is gold”, I quickly took out a copy and handed it to the mother, whose facial expression changed to one of great relief (this must have been quite the dilemma for her).

Saved by the ‘How-To’ guide, I can now relax whilst she reads through the guide, ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘aah’ing’ and nodding as she learns what to look for when she goes to buy her piano…

* cross fingers whilst thinking “Please don’t ask me any more questions about instruments I do not play” *


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