Rachel’s Review: Toscani’s Cafe Bar and Restaurant

Few people I know would reject delicious or should I say  “bellissimo” Italian food. Sometimes when my brother and I are at home and there is no food in the fridge (and even if there was, we both wouldn’t know how to cook it), we head down to Toscani’s on Church St in Parramatta, right next to Westfield Shopping Centre.

Here we easily annihilate pizza, pasta, garlic bread, salad, bruschetta, risotto, and down a few happy drinks with our meal. The night is still young, and dessert is a certainty, so we then sit there sipping on some coffee, eating a slice of cake or pancakes, chatting and catching up on things that have happened recently.

Toscani's Creme Brulee

Toscani’s has an extensive Italian menu, suitable for anyone- meat lovers, vegetarians, people who are watching their weight, etc. They also have gluten-free foods and a wide range of alcohol to compliment your meal.

You can also choose to sit inside or outside, as they have both indoor and outdoor seating, and they also cater for families with young children.

Pricing is reasonable for the amount and quality of food you get, and although they are very busy, because there is plenty of seating, you are likely to find a seat quickly. You can also book ahead of time to guarantee a spot. Toscani’s also caters for functions, so if you are thinking of a place to have your next birthday dinner or Christmas drinks, Toscani’s can cater for your needs.

So whether you are looking for a full-course meal, or just a place to sit and chat whilst slowly drinking a cup of freshly-brewed coffee, be sure to give Toscani’s a try! You will not be disappointed!

Toscani's BBQ Pork Ribs


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