Janet’s Review – Chocolateria San Churro

For those lovers of chocolate out there, and I know you’re out there, here is another place to visit in Parramatta! San Churros on Church Street is a newly opened franchise in Sydney, bringing Mexican and Spanish experiences of chocolate to Sydney! Churros are a Spanish donut found all over the U. S. and Europe, and Chocolateria San Churro has brought them here to Australia along with the best of Spanish chocolate and other imported sweets!

For a bit of background, San Churro is named after the head monk in Spain, where only the monks were allowed to manufacture chocolate strictly for the Spanish aristocracy. According to history, he made it his life’s work to spread the ‘secret’ of chocolate. It must be a success, as the franchise has grown all around Australia, and can be found in top locations such as Chatswood, Glebe, Bondi, Miranda, Macarthur Square and Parramatta! Unlike other chocolaterias, San Churro has even put up recipes for some of their absolutely amazing sweets on their website: http://www.sanchurro.com/recipes.php! These slightly complicated and tricky recipes should be left in the hands of the experts at San Churro!

Despite the relatively small and crampedness of the place, the great service and indulgent chocolate keeps everyone coming back! It is a great place to go to for your regular coffee with the girls, or for a romantic date with your girlfriend/boyfriend just before a movie, or the perfect place for dessert after dinner! The great service, great chocolate and cosy atmosphere makes it the perfect place to convert to if you are used to going to regular cafes for coffee and dessert!

Sharing plates (as above) are the perfect choice for your first time there – you can try a little bit of everything! San Churro is the place to visit for a new experience in everything chocolate!


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