Smile =D

It feels great to be back here, sitting at the front desk, re-organising everything I left in shambles last week (due to being on the verge of death – food poisoning) and getting back into shape! Although nothing spectacularly interesting and out-of-the-ordinary happened today involving me or any of the students/teachers here, which is probably a good thing, this nice calmness and routine is just as welcoming and nice! I know that ‘nice’ is probably not the best adjective I could have used, but I can’t describe it in any other way. Perhaps because of the depth of sickness I was in, today I have been greeting each of the students and parents (the same ones who saw me last week while I was feeling deathly ill – I may be slightly exaggerating, but at the time that was how I felt!) with such enthusiasm and joy that they have not been able to help but smile back at me! It is amazing how contagious smiles are to anyone and everyone – except maybe those who are having the worst day ever. Even still, even the most unyielding of parents (in particular a father who never seems to smile back or notice my existence) had to smile back at me while he sat in my vision and kept making eye contact with me – each time I smiled as widely as I could to him! For anyone feeling happy and on top of the world, the best thing you can do for everyone around you is to smile! Smile, and everyone will smile back =) This is the type of atmosphere that needs to be here – maybe I am compensating for the fake smiles I gave everyone last week!


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