Janet’s Review – Harry’s Cafe de Wheels

For those of you who have not been updated yet, Harry’s Cafe de Wheels – famous for its original location in Woolloomooloo, can now be found in our very own Parramatta! Located on 431 Church Street (Crn Fennell), the bright lights of the cafe on wheels cannot be missed when driving down Church Street. I almost crashed as I drove down and had to double-take, so as to make sure that I was not hallucinating!

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels has some of the world’s most beautiful hot dogs and meat pies – I am not exaggerating! Harry Edwards opened his first ever caravan of cafe in 1938 – the years of the Great Depression! You have to know that any restaurant/cafe that has survived for this long has to be good for a reason – and that reason is their beautiful food! Although Harry’s (a.k.a. Harry’s hot dogs) may seem unhealthy and fast-food-like, a result of the fast servicing and type of food, there is absolutely NO trans-fat, freezing or frying of pies and instead they use sea salt, 98% lean beef or chicken meat and fresh vegetables!

The pies aren’t your average meat pie – with Harry’s Tiger, one of the more popular pies, loaded with fresh mash, peas and gravy! Harry’s is the perfect place to drop by when you want to grab a quick but filling bite to eat! When my mother was pregnant with me, she craved Harry’s pies so badly that she forced my father to drive all the way to Woolloomoloo, the only place back with Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, to satisfy her craving! Now, my cravings can be satisfied for a short drive or bus ride to Harry’s in Parramatta!

This is Harry’s infamous ‘Hot Dog de Wheels’ – so large you need a fork, numerous tissues and a wide open mouth to eat! Great to share between two peckish people, or for one hungry girl (like me!). Harry’s is the cheap, delicious and perfect place to drop by for a meal – standing up or can be enjoyed in the car! The better option than McDonalds, KFC or Pizza Hut, which are located just around the corner.


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