Technologically Impaired

For those out there who, like me, are technologically impaired, I sympathise greatly with you. There are so many new gadgets and gizmets out that it is hard enough to keep up with the older models! Handycams, digital cameras, laptops, computers – I’ve had about enough with them all. Having deleted C-drive on my computer when I was younger – back when computer monitors were as big as a box, and as heavy as a tonne of steel, I may not be the best person to hand your new iPhone 4 or camcorder to.

Here at Shine, we have been taking daily photos of students and teachers to show the world what goes on at our school. It is a great idea – only if I knew how to use the camera! It took me awhile last week getting the whole slide wing open, turning it on and into camera mode and figuring out which button I needed to press – if it weren’t for our other violin teacher helping me, I may still be sitting here trying to figure it out! Now that I had advanced to that step, I am up to the step where I have to figure out how to connect the camcorder to its base, which then needs to be connected to the USB port and thus the computer! Any advice? Wish me luck!


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