Cindy’s review: Dymocks

Back when I was young, Dymocks was the place to be if you wanted a good read behind the novel, or if you were after the latest bibliography of your idol. But now it seems that when we need to purchase a book of any sort – Dymock’s is not the first one that pops into your mind despite the fact there there is one situated in Parramatta Westfield.

Personally, from memory I don’t exactly enjoy being in Dymocks, it’s not that their customer service is bad or anything… it’s just a whole list of other things. Although they have many franchises in Sydney, almost in every single Westfield you will find one, but it just doesn’t feel right when you’re in there. What do I mean by that?

First of all, there is a problem with variety, in Dymocks you are kind of limited to just half a rack, or a little corner on the shelf for the topic you’re interested in. But now, with Borders bookstore branching around in Sydney (although not as far as Dymocks) and with Kinokuniya in the city, it seems like Dymocks will be last on mind for a book browse. When I think Dymocks I think: yellow and messy. I don’t know if that’s really the case but I think the lighting is blaringly yellow and that disturbs my concentration when reading. Also the last time I picked out a novel to read there it seemed strange to sit myself at the bottom of the shelf and indulge in the book.

But strangely, that is what seems “normal” in bookshops like Borders and Kinokuniya. Not only is it normal, there are chairs and tables for your dicussion, as well as comfortable arm chairs for longer reads. At your convenience are mini-cafes and a selection of other products and accessories that you may want to buy as well as a book! Of course, Dymocks has a lot to learn from these two reputable bookstores in Sydney.

So what is Dymocks good for now? I guess I’d still recommend high school and primary school kids to buy textbooks or supporting material for their education there… but otherwise for a variety of texts, I’d visit Borders, and maybe Kinokuniya if you’re a little more Asian.


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