Cindy’s review: Sing Kee Asian Grocery Store

What’s more exciting than or different to  packing tim tam’s, shapes, coke and Heinz cans from Coles and Woolworths? Have you every tasted the sweets and snacks of an Asian grocery store? Does your mum often have to browse through the small Asian section in Coles just to cook some fried rice? If you’re looking for asian ingredients and asian imported snacks then Sing Kee Asian Grocery store is your favourite choice in Parramatta.

Not only is the shop designed conveniently for your browsing and shopping, it is a clean and modern grocery (yes just like Coles!). From staple ingredients to the average Chinese dinner such as vegetables (which are of great price and most importantly, fresh!), rice and different sauces, they also frequently stock their shelves with new products from Japan, Hong Kong and Guang Zhou. Of course to any children, or adults who have a sweet tooth, the most exciting aisle would be the snacks aisle!

2 in 1: meiji chocolate wrapped gummy in grape, strawberry and peach flavour!

All time favourite for kids and adults

Of course you can’t expect much service from a grocery store but I can say that everyone is willing to help you out there, except sometimes the women at the cashier are grumpy (probably from standing all day) and are not extremely welcome to you (you don’t always get your regular Woolies, hello how are you today?) but that’s ok, I’d just pay and walk out – most importantly I’ve got my goodies in my grocery bag!

Last but not least, during late Winter every ye, Sing Kee will launch the moon festival moon cake promotions – that’s whats those stacks of red and yellow boxes are sometimes outside the shop or just next to the cashier! I recommend that you buy a box from Sing Kee if you’re a local and looking for good price and taste in mooncake! They stock many well known brands – and have many of their new products as well. Yes! Have you ever heard of mango and chocolate mooncake? Ice cream mooncake? Or do you prefer the traditional double egg lotus mooncake? If you haven’t then you must try out Sing Kee grocery’s variety of Maxim Mooncakes!

Maxim's Double Egg Lotus Mooncake

Buy Maxim's Icecream mooncake at Sing Kee today!

With Moon Festival coming around the corner (September 22), our local asians should visit Sing Kee Asian Grocery store to prepare for this scrumptious  reunion meal! And of course dont forget to buy a few boxes of mooncakes for your friends and family!


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