Today is a rather quiet day at shine Music – but to me it seems like time has flown by very quickly! In the blink of an eye I’m now awaiting to greet the second last round of students for the night. Right now I just want to quickly finish up here and urgently rush home – for I know that something special, and delicious is waiting for me! And that is also what I’ve been thinking about the whole time I’m sitting behind this desk …

September 22 will be the Chinese Moon Festival in which many Chinese people in Sydney celebrate every Spring – and what’s the most exciting part of it? Besides being able to reunite with your family, I reckon it’s the mooncakes…. it’s the time of the year when you’re just slimming down to fit into your new spring dress, but sadly it’ll only allow you to have a couple of mooncakes. Lucky for some people, the quantity of mooncakes they have won’t matter, but to me, it is definately a sin to have more than a whole one!

Moon festival is a time for reunion and gatherings with family and friends and I know that even Shine Music students will be participating in this unity spirit as well! Next Sunday on September 19 , some of our talented woodwind players will be performing at a moon festival ceremony in Flemington – so please invite your friends and family to attend this happy event!


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