Janet’s Review – Refuge Cafe

Refuge Cafe on Level 2, inside Parramatta Westfield is a quaint cafe, discovered by only those who travel to the far back and bottom of the rather enormous shopping centre! Hidden right at the bottom of Westfield, Refuge Cafe (as suggested by its name) is a refuge to anyone who wants a quiet, long lunch of healthy sandwiches, quiches, pastas and/or coffee whilst seated comfortably in the spacious seating area behind the cafe. People with young kids can still relax, whilst letting their kids play in the children’s playground right next door, or perhaps even wander to Pets Paradise nearby to watch the puppies and kittens play! The prices are relative to what you choose, with you receiving more than what you pay for! The staff are relatively friendly, some more than others!

Anyone who comes to Shine on a Saturday for lessons can smell the wafts of something deliciously yummy in the air. These delicious smells come from the absolutely enormous chicken schnitzel sandwiches that are provided for all of the teachers (and me!). The size of these sandwiches are not to be underestimated – they are so absolutely ginormous that it literally takes me 30 minutes (no break) to eat only HALF of the sandwich. It is so large that I can’t enjoy all of the things in the sandwich, such as the lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, and carrots, all at the same time! I have to take tiny, multiple bites out of each thing to enjoy the flavours of everything as a whole. These sandwiches and toppings are just some of the multiple choices you can have from the cafe! Wait an extra while to have your sandwich, wrap or foccacia roll toasted and brought out to you while you sit down and enjoy a magazine or tea.


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