Rachel’s Review: Socrates

Ever wanted to challenge the creative left side of your brain, but couldn’t quite find the right sort of material to indulge your mind in? Look no further than Socrates, the store that has all the nifty little mind-boggling games for you to have a crack at.

Socrates Store

Socrates is located in Parramatta Westfield Shopping Mall, on Level 4 next to the ABC Shop and also near Borders book store. Perfect to shop for those trivial games you can play when you have company, or to purchase gifts for your more talented friends with brilliant minds, Socrates has games and gifts everyone can enjoy.

The games are reasonably priced, however, the gifts such as mugs for Mother’s and Father’s Day and so on are a little over-priced.

They aim at developing interests, knowledge and creativity, so their games will never bore you. So next time you’re out at Westfield’s, why not pop in to Socrates for some mind-drilling games?


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