Beautiful Voices

Yet another Thursday evening at Shine – I would not want to be anywhere else other than such a beautiful place filled with beautiful melodies. As I am sitting here at the front desk, I am plainly enjoying the music I can hear – clearly, I can hear Isabel, one of our singing teachers singing “Halo” by Beyonce. I rarely hear her sing a whole song – and today I had my chance – usually I only hear her practising the notes. Wow, if only I could sound as beautiful as her when I sing that song! I walked past her room and realized she was sitting down and singing the song – the last time I sang that song, I was sitting down as well and I almost collapsed straining for breath – as sitting down really limited my strength…

I’m so jealous of her students now! I’m sure all her students will turn out to be amazing singers and help spread their love of music around with vocals unique to themselves! Now I’m thinking, if only I was 10 years old again, I’d not only learn the piano, perhaps singing too!


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