Cindy’s review: Bamboodle

Bamboodle…. You may think, what an interesting name, quite un-Asian for an Asian restaurant! Bamboodle specializes in South East Asian meals, open for lunch and dinner! If you love stir fried noodles or curry with rice, you should give Bamboodle a try.

Walking into Bamboodle, the first thing I notice is the big menu which teaches you how to order your food. If you’re a fanatic of South East Asian food, maybe you have something in mind already (like I had Pad Thai in mind), but if not, or you want to try something new, they give you the option to combine your choice of meat, noodles/rice and flavour together to form a dish. Last time I chose Beef Pad Thai (which was just beef+rice thin noodle+pad thai flavour) , my friend had lamb + green curry + jasmine rice and my other friend had prawn + vermicelli noodle + laska soup. And you get to choose to pay first or later!

Then you choose where to seat and the friendly waiters hand out your eating utensils and a number plate. Parramatta’s bamboodle is not very big and the seating arrangement is quite strange. Unless they were thinking that there’d frequently groups of 10 people dining at the restaurant I’m uncertain as to why they have two ten-seater tables in their small place. Other than those 2 large tables, there are no more than ten two seater tables which luckily can be re-arranged.

The food was served very quickly despite the full house – I was quite impressed! My pad thai was of a sufficient serving and tasted great in my opinion, although the chicken was a little too hard and rough in texture for my liking. My friend was also fond of the green curry and the laska was not bad as well.  Although we didn’t have time to try the desserts, they looked quite appealing to us as they were being served out – especially the banana in cocunut milk.

Overall, Bamboodle was a great experience for me and my friends. If you’re a fan of pad thai and curry, I think it’s definitely a good idea to try Bamboodle out!


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