Janet’s Review: Borders

Anyone who needs to burn time, has a lot of time to spare, or just loves reading books in general can pop into Borders! The idea of a bookstore where people are free to go in and read any books they like for as long as they like, with their own personal Gloria Jeans upstairs for coffee and snacks, in conjunction with the largest array of books from all genres and authors, magazines from all over the world as well as DVDs and CDs, has just been an absolute success in the United States. This is why Borders has crossed the ocean to Australia, and our very own Parramatta, to allow us Aussies this experience.

Borders hosts special events every now and then such as Sing-alongs, storytime sessions, colouring in sessions, etc. which are the perfect events for your children during the school holidays! Check their website http://www.borders.com.au/ for when these events are on, as well as to check whether the book you are looking for is in store! Mind you, they usually are. Borders stocks all of the newest titles, complete with their own list of favourites and ‘must-reads’! Borders even has the newest technology in reading – e-Books! The perfect place for a gift – journals, diaries, stationary, small gift books, cards are just additions to the many books and movies you can find here.

Flip through this ‘Get Reading’ list from Borders and get reading!!


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