Sudoku and Origami

The second last week of Term 3 has almost come to an end, and spirits are high in all of our students. Back for the first time in awhile on a Friday since Cindy has started here, today has been an interesting shift, especially when compared to my quieter Wednesdays and Thursdays. I have spent the first few hours of my shift listening, teaching (Sudoku and origami) and playing with some of our Friday students. Teaching the concept and rules of Sudoku to primary school students is not an easy task, mind you. However, I successfully taught one of our older electric guitar students how to fold a Japanese paper crane!

Today even found me half carrying an over-dramatic young student who was upset that his cousin had taken back something (I think they were paper witch-fingers?). I had to run outside after I heard a scream, and to my dismay saw him lying on the ground, face down, with his hands beating the ground. I was horrified and shocked, only later when his aunty told me that he was just being over-dramatic did I relax.

What had led me to teaching origami was the result of one student, who was initially teaching another how to fold a paper crane, bailing out after paper squares were made! To my amusement, the remaining student who had wanted to learn how to fold a paper crane took out his frustration using scissors on a piece of paper. Before a full-on-mess happened on my desk, I rushed to teach him and succeeded! Maybe I should have become an origami tutor! Here at Shine, not only can you learn music, you can be taught origami, Sudoku, maze-drawing, and whatever these students can think up for next week!


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